What is VAPT?

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) are two important processes used to identify risks and vulnerabilities in a system or network. VAPT is used to detect any security weak points in the system, allowing organizations to protect themselves from possible malicious attacks. By conducting a thorough assessment and testing process, businesses can better protect their data, systems and networks from attack.

Through the use of automated tools and manual testing techniques, organizations can identify potential threats and take corrective action as needed. By understanding the different techniques available for VAPT, organizations can ensure that their systems are secure and resilient against any potential threats.

What we are offering

Web Application Penetration Testing

Web application attacks vary in complexity and size. The vulnerabilities in the applications can expose sensitive data to unapproved or malicious users, or these vulnerabilities…

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Mobile Application Penetration Testing

The vulnerabilities in the applications used on mobile devices can expose sensitive data to unapproved or malicious users, or these vulnerabilities could lead to data being…

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Cloud Security Testing

With many organizations migrating existing servers or designing new systems, digital assets, services, databases, and applications into the cloud, it is essential…

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Benefits of VAPT


It helps in identifying the vulnerabilities of a system.


Our comprehensive reports impart clear and easy-to-understand results. Our concise, actionable report provides ranking and prioritization of findings to ensure you can make informed strategic decisions on how to address any weaknesses.


Our team will conduct an extended series of tests using a combination of automated and manual testing capabilities which simulates the attack methodologies of most advanced hackers.

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