At Heureux, we work with you to successfully build cloud based applications. The solutions are integrated into the overall business process, transforming your existing business by helping you speed up Time to Market and scale rapidly. We ensure that cloud-based solutions are aligned with the competitive strategy of your business. Working directly with clients, Heureux has become a Cloud App Development Services Provider with expertise on Windows Azure platform, Amazon cloud,

Application Development and Management using DevOps

We can help you with Agile approach using DevOps which can optimize your processes and systems hence saving time. can be optimised by combining, the development and operations team in project mode, which maximizes speed, function and innovation. DevOps helps in bringing Agile approach into practice by dividing a solution or project into multiple, regularly delivered releases. This helps in continuous testing and validation thus helps in faster time to market.

Our Service Offerings

Cloud Readiness Assessment Services

We help you by analyzing and evaluate your existing infrastructure and applications and define roadmap for cloud migration which helps by providing flexible and optimized pool of secured IT resources which is accessible over a network and provides provisioned and dynamic scaling on demand.

Cloud Deployment and Migration Services

We help migrate and deploy your application on the cloud to the suitable platform, whether public, private, or hybrid, to integrate with your existing IT applications.

Design, Architecture and Implementation Services

We help you by developing and hosting applications on various cloud platforms such as Amazon, Azure, Google, leveraging our proven expertise in cloud services and well defined methodologies.

Cloud Strategy Planning Services

We help you by defining the best cloud strategy based on business needs using the SaaS, PaaS, or IaaS cloud architecture ensuring scalability, security, and reliability of the solution.

Our Process

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