Our Service Offerings

Dedicated Team: We have a unique relationship model in which we set-up teams for you which are an extension of your team. We understand the need to have very high team longevity to retain business domain and technical knowledge of the system. These teams are hand-picked and totally aligned with your goals. We also encourage you to assess and interview individual team members of the dedicated team for hire.
You can conduct interviews and assessments to identify team members who are best aligned to your requirements. Heureux has established and proven process which helps to give you the best talents only to minimize your hiring effort.

Dedicated Team Plus On-Demand: In addition to our dedicated teams of engineers we have a number of highly skilled ‘experts’ that can be used on a short term basis. Individuals with expertise in software architecture, UI design, documentation etc. can be utilized on a short term basis reducing your costs but providing the expertise when you need it.

We Help You With Team Of

Full-Stack Developers
System Architects
Test Engineers
DevOps Engineers and Administrators
Front-end and Back-end Programmers
Mobile Application Developers
Product/ Project Managers
UX/ UI Designers
Scrum and Agile Masters

Benefits Of Dedicated Teams

Complete Control
Increased Productivity

Our Process

Heureux Software Solutions - Hire Team Process
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